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Solar has a bright future and we at LBRTY Power are proud to be part of this movement for positive change. We are firm believers in balance, and solar provides a balance in energy production and usage, the likes of something we have never seen take place in any of our lifetimes. We are excited to play a part in this growing trend and are firm believers in promoting freedom of choice on where you invest your hard earned money.

Reallocating that hard earned money (that you freely give to a utility company) into an asset that not only provides a level of freedom and does good for the environment, but also allows you to Own the asset that provides that power while adding value to your home, are all strong reasons why we are experiencing “staggering” growth in solar and why we are positioned to help homeowners make that transition.

We affect positive change and growth in multifaceted ways. To name a few:

Freedom of choice for where you produce and purchase your energy from.

The ability to protect your hard earned money and reallocate it into a energy generating asset that protects your cash flow long term.

Help balance the environment and the utility playing field.

Creates more jobs and opportunities to serve our communities with a large financial reward for both the giver and receiver.

Imbues a new mindset and future legacy.

We also Do Whole Home Water Treatment

Water is arguably the most important and valuable resource that we have, as it necessary to sustain the the lives of every living thing on our planet. However, unclean water can also create a lot of issues for our bodies and daily use items. Being able to provide solutions for cleaner and healthier water is something we approach with a lot of care and pride as it will immediately improve the quality of your life in multiples areas and protect you from the harmful consequences of dirty or contaminated water.

Use your Liberty to take back your power

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