Solar Equals Freedom

We Help Homeowners Turn to Solar Power and Free Themselves!

Lower Your Bill

Stop renting power from the utility company, instead, use your liberty to choose a better option by owning your solar panels that harvest power from the sun. It costs less, doesn’t inflate in cost overtime, and is clean energy.

Protect Your Wallet

Protect yourself from the uncontrollable inflation that cripples your wallet, by owning the very system that powers your home. Owning your power protects your bank account from the financial losses you’ve incurred for years at the hand of inflation and controlling utilities.

Take Back Control

Gain peace of mind knowing that you’ve exercised your liberty to take control of a commodity you have never owned, joining all living things on the earth that benefit from the power of the sun, all the while doing the right thing for yourself, your family, your community, and the earth as a whole.

What makes us different?

The grid is outdated
Blackouts keep coming
Power bills are skyrocketing
You’re losing money every month

We’ve got some bad news about your power bill.
Every day until you switch to solar you’re losing money. How is that possible when you’ve always heard that solar is “really expensive”?
Even when financed, residential solar saves you money every month by locking you in at a lower fixed rate. With energy costs skyrocketing, the sooner you switch to solar, the more you save.

Together we will affect necessary change for how we generate and consume precious energy all the while benefiting our neighborhoods, communities, pocket books, and quality of life. In the words of Stephen R Covey, this is a “Win-Win” for both the receiver and the provider of solar.

How Does It Work?

Follow These Steps

Qualifying Call

Every solar power project starts with a qualifying call to see if solar is right for you. We’ll get a copy of your utility bill to discuss your energy use and take a look at your roof using satellite imagery. This information will help us to determine if solar is a good fit for you or not.

Solar Consultation

Once our Solar Expert has determined that solar is right for your home and energy usage, the next step is meeting with them in person. They’ll present to you a custom design that is tailored to your roof shape, size, and energy needs. This quote includes your energy savings for the next 25 + years.

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Once you have met our Solar Expert and exercised your Liberty to go solar, we will take care of the entire backend process to get your solar system designed, installed, inspected, and turned on. You will then start to produce clean, tax free, lower cost electricity directly from your solar panels.


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About Us
Solar has a bright future and we at LBRTY Power are proud to be part of this movement for positive change. We are firm believers in balance, and solar provides a balance in energy production and usage, the likes of something we have never seen take place in any of our lifetimes.

Use your Liberty to take back your power

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